Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fine Art Drawing Fun!

While jewelry making and stained glass are well known Art Night Out classes, we also offer fine art drawing and painting as one day workshops!

Francis Carlier joined us one Saturday to share his love of drawing and phenomenal skills in the medium! Experimental Drawing brought in a range of students who had great curiosity and enthusiasm. Many took the class to learn formally, with no prior experience, and others, to improve their painting skills!

Through the class Francis guided students to explore the depths of their drawing skills. Using rulers, and pencils and other simple tools, everyone was able to gain understanding of what they were seeing in their photographs and still lives to translate onto their paper.

The results were amazing! One student was thrilled that she was able to push herself to draw bigger. Another LOVED how she was able to define a boot with clarity. The students were thrilled with their developped skills and were excited to return home to continue drawing!

It was the perfect afternoon dose of fine art!

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