Monday, April 28, 2008

Mosaic Garden Stone and Hammered Metal Class Reviews

It was a busy night at Artascope Studios for two popular Art Night Out classes- Mosaic Garden Stone and Hammered Metal Jewelry- filling our 2 first floor studios with lots of sounds of clanking metals, snapping glass and conversations between students.

Check out some of the beautiful mosaic designs the students created for their garden stones. You could just hear the excitement about getting out into the gardens to display their new creations. A great way to welcome in spring.

Laurie helped her students lay out the design to make sure they have the right color combinations and bit and pieces for a desired effect. Safely glasses are a must for students breaking up glass mosaics to make their needed shapes. The final design in applied to contact paper and laid in the bottom of a stepping stone making container.....round plastic containers make perfect stepping stone molds. The concrete in poured over and the students come back in a day or two to pick up their final piece.

One cool side note on the Mosaics class was that every student signed up over the web. This is a very exciting new tool for all of our Art Night Out customers. Instead of giving us a ring to sign up for a class, you can sign up on line through PayPal at any time day or night. Under every class description, there is a sign up now button. Sweet! Check out the link....

Hammered Metal Jewelry with Betina was taken to a new level. No one held back in creating one of a kind pieces. Betina toaught everyone techniques to twist, bend and play with the wire into the desired effect. Hammering comes after to add texture and dimension to their items. One student embellished her beautiful blass dragonfly with luscious glass beads. Check out the 3-D sculpture using copper, brass and silver wire. Quite a masterpiece. The money clip is my favorite of the night. What a fun gift to make....always something new brewing in these studios.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sue Drown Trout- April's Highlighted Artist Hosted Gallery Opening and Batik Demo

Sue Drown Trout, local artist and teacher, is our featured April Artist at Artascope Studios. Her beautiful batik work will be on display and for sale in our gallery through the end of the month. Thursday, April 17th, Sue hosted her opening with a hand-ons demo about the baking process. With examples laid out in the studios to show the step by step process of this wax resist dying process, Sue was able to show party goers and students alike about her art. Sue is preparing for the Late Spring Artist Series on Batiking starting Thursday May 8th. The 6 week session will be held from 10am-1pm. The cost is $150 for the entire session. It's a great way to deepen your batiking knowledge. If you are looking for an evening of about trying the Hand Dyed Scarf class on Monday, May 12th from 6-9pm. The cost is $45. Makes a wonderful gift for a friend....or maybe you! Some come in and see what Sue has been up to. Artascope Studios Gallery is open from 9am-7pm every day, so stop by.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Experimental Drawing and Sea Glass Pendant

Experimental Drawing happened at Artascope Studios over the weekend along with another successful Sea glass Wrapped Pendant class. Quite a busy place. Spring has sprung and students are branching out into new media and trying their hand at some of our fun new classes. Lori taught a fantastic class in Experimental Drawing, using a grid system to map out an image to master texture, composition while stretching the imagination with altering block sizes for a unique portrait. I am sure Experimental Drawing will be returning, so check the schedule. If you are looking for some more of our new classes coming up at Artascope Studios, "Woven Necktie Chair" is bound to be a hit on Sunday May4th. The class cost is $80 and the class is filling fast. Diane has been producing some amazing necktie ladder back chairs for our gallery and wants to share her talents with you.

Our jewelry studio was packed with sea glass enthusiasts eager to create their own wrapped pendants for the summer. Students produced some stunning results. Kudos to Lynne for another successful glass. The pearls add a touch of sophistication to this beautiful class example.

If you are looking for a wire wrapping class, come join us for a very special WigJig Earring class this Monday the 21rst with Marcia Wiggins. Learn from the family that invented this wire wrapping invention. Should be a blast. Monday 6-9pm $50. Come check us out!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Private Parties at Artascope Studios- Hammered Metal Jewelry

Private parties are one of Artascope Studios specialities. We are always open to cater to personal events and create a fun environment for all types of events, from birthday parties to team building corporate parties.

We recently threw a fantastic appreciation party for Stegemann and Shuman Orthodontics' entire staff. They filled up 0ur largest studios with sounds of hammering metal mixed in with a little laughter. Betina was able to lead our 17 guests through a fantastic demo using copper and silver wire to create new and exciting jewelry pieces. With Suzanne's assistance and a little of my own, the entire cast of party goers went home with some very fabulous items to show off at work the follow week. What a great way to build bonds and show gratitude for your work family.

We are always open to talk about your upcoming event and we love to help guide you to explore all the class possibilities we have for parties in your future. We can offer parties for kids and adults alike. All we ask if for a time and class preference and 5 plus participants. The possibilities are endless!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tin Collage People Class Review

What a blast our students had during Sue Hellier's popular "Tin Collage People" class. Everyone had an opportunity to bring in pictures of their loved ones and make fun new metal collage cut outs using photo faces and some creativity. Students altered wedding photos, kid head shots and other favorite images. One student transformed a wedding couple into a pair of funky fish. A few nephews and nieces ended up with some cool new metal digs and riding in a green JD gator machine. Another student turned their son into a "sun". Anything goes! What a way to celebrate your friends and family with a crafty collage project straight from the heart.

If you like collage, why not try out one of our upcoming April collage classes. Maggie will take you through the collage essentials on Thursday April 17th from 6-9. Play with text, paint and paper and find your inner artist! How about trying your hand at the Memorabilia Pocket class with Nicole. A perfect way to collect your memories from a special occasion or trip. We will be meeting on Thursday April 24th from 6-9pm. Join the fun!