Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Private Lessons

Private Lessons
One of the special offerings we have at Artascope Studios is private lessons with our teachers. We know that sometimes you can miss out on an Art Night Out Class, ArtEscape Weekend or Artist Series featuring the craft you always wanted to learn about. We are more than happy to set up private lessons for a student to come in and meet with our talented staff. Here are a few shots from Diane Brakeley's sewing lessons with 2 sisters. One is working on a shirt and the other is making a making a dress. Diane says they are naturals and ambitious for sure! Our hourly fee is $35 for a private session and can be set up with our manager, Suzanne, when you are ready to explore your options. 207-799-5154....don't be shy, we would love to inspire the artist in you!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Craft and Hobby Association Tradeshow Roundup

Catherine Bickford's Chicago Adventure:
We take great pride in offering fantastic Art and Craft supplies at our Artascope Studio store in South Portland. We are always looking for the newest items to bring to our customers and add to our extensive class offerings.

Last week our founder Catherine Bickford flew to Chicago to attend the Craft and Hobby Asscociation (CHA for short) tradeshow. It was a jam packed 48 hours scanning hundreds of vendors for things that really caught her eye....the must haves! Her adventure even included a class with collage artist Claudine Hellmuth. We have several books by Claudine available in our store and we will be carrying her new line of acrylics paints in the fall. Catherine commented that is was a real treat to meet Claudine! Sounds like an adventure and we look forward to showing you our new inventory when you stop in for a visit.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kids Art Party- Birthday T Shirt Success

Kids Art Party
Artascope is the perfect place to throw a party! We specialize in Kids Art Parties for all ages. There are so many projects to entice our party goers with and we enjoy working with parents to make a memorable celebration.

We recently held a fantastic T Shirt Party at our studios. The T Shirts were pre-tie dyed by our teachers and ready for decorating. The birthday girl and friends got to make their very own stamps and begin decorating the colorful shirt to make unique clothing to wear. Talk about a cool party favor to go home with!

We are always excited to see the creativity flowing, watch friends help each other and witness a fantastic time had by all. It's a great way to take the stress out of planning an elaborate party at home. We supply some goodies and parents are welcome to bring a cake. Check out our private party offerings at

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hammered Metal Class and Fresh Art 2008

Hammered Metal Class Review
Betina Clark is our exceptional hammered metals teacher and she is always attracting a big crowd for her classes. Her latest class of 8 played with copper and silver wire. They learn how to manipulate the wire into desired shapes after a little time for sketching ideas. Once they have a handle on working with the wire, they hammer their creations to add dimension and harden the wire so that it will keep its form.

Here are a few shots from the class. It's a fun technique and very user friendly. Betina is always ready to help you finalize your piece or review possible designs. She is one popular Art Night Out teacher and a very talented jewelry herself. She will be teaching Sewn Metal Jewelry on Thursday night, July 31rst, from 6-9pm!
Fresh Art 2008
If you would like to do something exciting this weekend and support Betina's work, then check out some of her silver jewelry at her upcoming show, FRESH ART 2008! The event will be held at Sprague Hall on 1 Charles Jordan Rd in Cape Elizabeth this weekend. The show hours are Friday July 25th from 6-8pm (Gala Opening Reception), Sat 26th from 10-5pm and all day Sunday from 10am-4pm. It's the 10th Anniversary of this great group of artisans, so see what Betina has been up to!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Metalsmithing Studios-Diane Brakeley's Recent Class Highlights

Art Night Out-Drilled Seaglass Bracelet & Silver Spoon Necklace
Diane Brakeley is one of our talents metals teachers, specializing in altering every day items like silver spoons and beach glass into beautiful works of art. Over the past month, Diane has taught to popular Art Night Out Programs, The Drilled Seaglass Bracelet and The Silver Spoon Necklace.

The Drilled Seaglass Bracelet students learn how to drill safely through glass, ceramic and stone with specialized diamond tip drill bits. They also play with wire wrapping the drilled items to embellish with beads and attach to the finished bracelet. Although most of Diane's students were local, she had a visiting student all the way from Miami. A perfect memento from our Maine Beaches to the Florida shore.

The Silver Spoon Necklace Class has been a hit at the studio for a few years. Diane has been handcrafting these unique necklaces as a part of her own jewelry line. After lots of interest on how she created her necklaces, she began to teach a class about her technique. She has quite a stash of silver spoons, forks and more to share with the class. Sometimes students bring in their own culinary to transform into their necklace. Diane teaches them about cutting and polishing the spoon ends that create the necklace pendant. Similarly to the Seaglass Class, Diane works with the students on how to drill through the silver spoons and add jewels and beads for color and design. Diane is currently teaching one of our 6 week Artist Series for Sewing and teaching private sewing lessons at the studio. "Tie One On" ArtEscape Weekend will be coming up on the 3rd weekend in October. It will be our second time running this fantastic weekend where you will play with men's ties to create your own woven chair. What an event!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

ArtEscape Weekend Review-Stained Glass Superstars

ArtEscape! Weekend- Stained Glass Student Highlight
Every third weekend of the month, we offer a 3 day artist retreat called the ArtEscape! at Artascope Studios. Gayle Raposa, our stained glass guru recently ran a fabulous Stained Glass weekend. Here are some amazing images from our recent member, Garrett, who joined the studio after taking this ArtEscape Stained Glass weekends! Her final piece was inspired by a sculpture she saw while in Spain. After many hours cutting, grinding and fitting together this intricate and very ambitious stained glass panel, the result was spectacular! Garrett had never touched stained glass before and did not consider herself all that "crafty", but she made believers out of us! Can't wait to see what's next for Garrett now that she has full access to our studios. The options are endless.

Summer Keepsake Box
Gayle was back in the studio teaching The Summer Keepsake Box class as part of our Art Night Out Series a few weeks later. Students has a chance to play with treasures from the sea that they would encapsulate into a stained glass box for all to see. What a great idea! I love thinking of staring into my little slice of summer bliss on those chilly winter nights and dreaming of the seasons to come.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Painted Floor Cloth and Folded Book Review

Simple Folded Book
Pat Knittel led a fantastic altered book class called "The Simple Folded Book". Students learned how to use decorative papers and basic folding techniques to create a personal keepsake for treasured photos, words and more. The students had a blast playing with our unique selection of craft papers and other materials for their books. Bone folders, a crafter's "need to have" folding tool, was used to create perfect folds for the project. We carry all of these paper need supplies in our store. We have kits and lots of interesting crafting items, if you get inspired to play.
Painted Floor Cloth
There is something about summer that always makes me think of colorful cottages by the beach....Willard Beach to be more specific. Filled with treasures from the shore and lots of sea themed artwork and hand painted floor cloths. No need to put down some drab beige rug at the sink or in the entrance of your home sweet home when you can have a colorfully designed floor cloth to invite you to step inside. Libby Barrett taught a fantastic two week Art Night Out workshop on the very subject. It was so popular that we have expanded our class offerings and she is currently teaching the painted floor cloth class as a 6 week Artist Series. Students are raving about the class and I am sure you will see it again on the ANO schedule. Check out our July and August classes....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Glass Pendant Review-A Class for All Ages

Glass Pendant Class Review
What a delight to have such a diverse class as we did in our Embellished Glass Pendant Class. We pride ourselves on being able to bring together our community and make some fantastic opportunities for everyone to feel creative and special. From daughters with mothers, best friends and neighbors, the class mix is always different. It's great to watch people make connection with each other while they dabble in their artistic talents. There is always a sense of camaraderie and support not just from the teacher, but the students themselves. These are the times that Artascope truly shines. So many times we can record that magic moment when a student really begins to believe in their talent and get excited about their work. It's great to watch students interact and become jazzed about each other's achievements. So many one time students have to come back for more, bringing friends and relatives to share in their passion. Students become members so they can use the studio as their studio. Members become stewards to share in the support of Artascope as a functioning art learning center, store and gallery. The enthusiasm is electric. So, you won't know how you will meet in your next class or what inspiration may be found within our walls. Give it a try.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Maggie Bokor-July Featured Artist

Maggie Bokor- Featured Artist
Have you checked out the Gallery at Artascope Studios lately? Every month the gallery changes for the featured artist of the month. We highlight our stewards, teachers and members in the gallery to share with our art enthusiastic community.

This month we are featuring Maggie Bokor, a multi-disciplinary artist, currently showing her recent acrylics, glass jewelry collection and polaroid transfers. Maggie teaches the Polaroid Tranfer Classes at Artascope and is a very loyal painting student of Liz Prescott's Acrylic Artist Series. This Thursday, she will teach a brand new class at Artascope, Reusable Fabric Gift Wrap! Should be a blast. You get to create your own botanical stamp and play will decorating your own gift wrap. Artascope is going green and we love it! Check it out on our online schedule,

Maggie's background is clay from the Rhode Island School of Design. She has worked in many materials and loves to play with color, form and function with all her work. She is also a local Nia instructor....a barefoot movement class taught at the South Portland Community Center and World Arts in Portland. You can find more about Maggie on the web at

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Summer Artist Series Excitement and Acrylics Spring Wrap up

Artist Series -Acrylics Spring Session...
came to a close last week. Emily Leonard taught our Tuesday night Acrylics class. It was a great success. Students focused on a famous painter and worked with their images to figure out the master's technique and discover their our individual style. Challenging themselves with this project gave each student confidence on how they view the world with their eyes and how it all conveys down to the brush on paper.

Emily returns to teach a fabulous ArtEscape! Weekend over the first weekend in August at Fort Williams. Students start with a thorough introduction to the tools and materials and will play with the basic elements of line, form, color, and composition in an amazing outdoor setting. You will meet at Fort Williams Friday, Saturday and Sunday for a spectacular weekend of painting for both the experienced painter and a budding artist! Follow the link to learn more.

Summer Sessions Start Next Week

If you are itching to play with your paints and can't wait till August, then join Liz Prescott every Wednesday from 9-noon for our Summer Artist Series-Acrylics Course starting July 9th . She is a fantastic teacher and an established painter and craftsman herself, so get curious about your desire to paint and join the group. It's definitely a favorite around here, so sign up while there is still space.

Have you checked out the summer schedule for Summer Artist Series? We have one for each morning!! Mondays will be Decorative Painting with Libby Barrett, AND we will be bringing back an old favorite, Metalsmithing,with a brand new teacher, Christina Taylor! Tuesdays we will be Sewing with Diane Brakeley. Wednesdays....Acrylics. Thursdays we will be playing with Stained Glass with Gayle Raposa. And we will end the week with Suzanne Kiertianis' Sewn Beading Jewelry Session. All classes meet for 6 weeks from 10am-1pm except for Acrylics from 9-noon. The class cost is &175 for the 6 week session. Peeked your interest????