Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Creating Needle Felted Ornaments

Just before the Holidays kicked into full gear, new Artascope teacher, Ashley Wernher-Collins shared her love and skills in needle felting! Students spent the evening creating their own Felted Ornaments!

Chosing from delicious colors of wool rovings and fun fibers to accents, this new class rocked in the season! Ashley taught students about the different types of wool roving and touched base on the different techniques to felt with wool. Needle Felting tools in hard, with their colorful selection of wool chosen, everyone had a blast!

Check out some of the fabulous ornaments that the students made! They were super creative and colorful. The snowman was great inspiration for some snow creations in the days that followed!

Interested in learning more about needle felting? Deadra will be teaching Felted Critters Saturday January 3rd from 2 to 6pm, spaces are filling up fast!

Happy New Years!

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